We recommend installation by a qualified installer if possible. If one is not available follow the instructions below.

1. Calculate length of port needed:

Port Length Calculator


2. Determine proper speaker & port placement before cutting any holes. The Precision Port™ should be placed at least one port diameter away from any inside walls, if possible.

3. Once placement has been determined cut the proper size hole. We have supplied a cut diagram to help with this step. Follow the instructions on the cut diagram for proper fit.

Cut Diagram

4. If you want to use screws to attach the port to the enclosure use the guide marks on the back of the outside flare. The screw holes are numbered with a 3 or 4 for the number of screws you would like to use.

5. When the length has been achieved the Precision Port™ can be glued together using ordinary ABS adhesive or similar type glue. Once pieces are assembled with ABS adhesive, pieces can not be taken apart.


Assemble the Precision Port™ in the following manner.


1. Attach connecting rings to flared ends.
2. Slide flared ends, with connecting rings attached, over tube section.

3. Insert the Precision Port™ into enclosure and secure with adhesive and/or screws.


The Precision Port™ is warranted, to the original purchaser, for a period of 90 days from the date of purchase. This warranty is limited to any manufacturing defects. If such a defect is found contact the place from which you purchased this product. PATENT


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